Philosophy, Pussycats, & Porn

Philosophy, Pussycats, & Porn

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Philosophy, Pussycats, & Porn is a series of essays, blog posts, and stories surveying more than a decade of poignant journalistic accounts from internationally recognized writer, actor, and pornographer Stoya.

Stoya provides crucial examinations of systemic biases toward sex workers and how sexuality is reflected in society. Stoya often points her journalistic lens inward, providing us with personal, illustriously detailed stories of her life, her collaborators, and how she has built a flourishing media haven in the face of a culture that is still learning how to handle public discourses on sex work.

“She casually drops one-liners that could be essays in themselves.”
—James Reith, The Guardian

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Cover design by Shaun Roberts. Interior layout by Ian DeLucca. Illustrations by Dana Fiona. Edited by Safia Elhillo.

152 pages, softcover (matte), 4.25 x 7 inches.

ISBN 978-1-945649-21-9