White Power

White Power


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Author’s Statement:

This book is the poetic representation of my personal belief that White Power is not exclusive to those who identify/are identified as “White.”  I chose the medium of poetry as the most effective means for the reader to leave the rigidity of their unconscious conditioning to expand their understanding through metaphor.  For too long, White Power has been relegated to a very specific group of human beings, and because my experience has led me to believe that White Power is actually an all-consuming erasure of anything that challenges its system, this work explores White Power far beyond the traditional, white, heterosexual male stereotype.  The poems within this book dig deep into the pillars of White Power:  Race, Gender, Class, which are used to reduce human beings to an aspect of themselves in service to this all-consuming erasure of their true selves.  The language in this work is attempting a path more aligned with human design, through the lens of my personal experiences with Race, Gender, Class.  The structure of the verse intends to inspire the imagination towards letting go of the system of fear White Power is founded on, in exchange for the collective human potential when we welcome all individuals into the inclusive harmony that reflects humanity’s true power.

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