ICONS is a series of 100 semi-fictionalized portraits of LA's eccentric personalities.

I believe identity is a malleable construct that we have the power to dismantle. Through my photography I explore this idea of the invention of identity. I costume my subjects and craft narratives about the character they’re becoming. When they step outside of who they think they are, something more authentic comes through. It’s that presence of true emotion that I’m looking to capture in the trappings of a manufactured circumstance.

Despite it’s saturated hues and often humorous subjects, there’s a darkness and a gentle undercurrent of rage that permeates my work. I’m interested in the idea that we have the power to shape our own realities but despite our abundant potential, we often feel beset by our circumstances. This gives rise to tensions and inner conflicts. It’s these feelings of frustration and the search for meaning I want to explore in the face of the absurdity of our existence.

—Parker Day

“We can't look away.”

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Foreword by Ione Gamble. Cover design by Courtney Andujar. Cover photograph “The Female Gaze” ft. Penelope Gazin.

110 pages (color on semi-gloss 70 lb. paper), softcover (gloss), 8 x 12 inches.

ISBN 978-1-945649-12-7